Official Football Merchandise from £15 Mens' Polo's from £7 School Uniform from £6 Sports wear from £6 Safety Workwear from £6
Official Football Merchandise from £15Mens' Polo's from £7School Uniform from £6Sports wear from £6Safety Workwear from £6

Website terms and conditions

Website Terms and Conditions


1)        General Information:


1.1 This website is run and maintained by Coventry Design and Print Ltd which will be henceforth referred to as ‘the company’. Individuals viewing this website will henceforth be referred to as ‘visitors’.


1.2 The company is registered as a limited company in England and Wales, company number: 10101108. 


1.3 The companies registered office is at 186 Sovereign Road, Coventry, CV5 6LU email:


1.4 Coventry Design and Print Ltd is a retailer of a variety of clothing from workwear, hospitality uniforms, school-wear, sports-wear, casual clothes for all.


1.5 Our products are sold plain or decorated according to our customer specification. Clothing decoration can be done by embroidery, vinyl or flex printing.  Decoration of clothing is ideal for various purposes, for branding workwear, company uniforms, children’s uniforms or celebratory occasions such as weddings and birthday parties.


2) Rights of use and access


2.1 Upon visiting this website all visitors are automatically bound by the website terms and conditions.


2.2 The websites may only be used for personal use, to view information on the website and/or to purchase products from Coventry Design and Print Ltd.  This right to view and/or purchase from the website may be withdrawn without notice and no liability exists if the website is unavailable at any time or for any period. 


2.3 Any usernames and passwords provided to visitors must be treated confidentially and not shared with others.


3) Contributions and Uploading To Website

3.1 Visitors are prohibited from uploading material onto the website or making contact with other users on the website.  Any content uploaded by visitors to the website will be removed.


4) Disclosures


4.1 In the event that a visitor uploads content that is infringing copyright, trademark, privacy rights and intellectual property rights;  The visitor’s identity will be disclosed to persons/organisations claiming the material uploaded is infringing their intellectual property rights.


5) Reliance on information posted


5.1 Images of products are for illustration purposes only. Product information such as colours, general appearance are for guidance only and should not be relied upon as errors may occur.


5.2 All information on this website should be deemed as guidance only and not relied on as advice by the website visitor or anyone else they inform.


5.3 The company will therefore not be legally liable for any such reliance on information on our website by visitors or anybody else they inform.


6) Intellectual property


6.1 All the rights to this website are owned by Coventry Design and Print Ltd. 


6.2 This website, whether as a whole or parts are provided by CD&P Ltd, for the use of CD&P Ltd only, and may not be resold redistributed to any third party or altered in any way.  The CD&P Ltd logo is the copyright ownership of CD&P Ltd (2017).


6.3 Website visitors are not permitted to license any parts of the site to someone else, modify, copy, sell, download or use any parts of this site for their own commercial purposes.


7) Data Protection


7.1 The company does not place cookies on visitors’ to this website: 1&1 Internet Ltd hosts the company website and places cookies on visitors to this website.  For information regarding cookies collected, please see the 1&1 Internet cookies policy. Please also see the Cookie Policy for this site.  


7.2 Any information submitted to the company via our Contact Us web form or during the online purchasing procedure is kept in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.  Please also see our privacy policy for more information.


7.3 The company is registered with the Information Commisioners Office at as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.


8) Links to Other Websites


8.1 Any link to third-party websites are not endorsements or recommendations of the website, they are provided for informational purposes only. 


8.2 The company accepts no liability for the use of third party websites and is therefore not liable for any loss suffered as a result of visiting such sites. 


8.3 The company also reserves the right to veto or prevent this website being provided as a third party link on another’s website. 


9) Viruses, Hacking and Other Offences:


9.1 Misuse of the website by introducing viruses, Trojans and other malicious technologically harmful materials is unauthorised and unacceptable. 


9.2 Unauthorised access to this website server or to any databases connected to this website is not permitted: when such actions occur, they are likely to be a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. 


9.3 Visitors who undertake such malicious activity will have their rights/ability to use the site withdrawn and the company have the right to report any such actions to the relevant law enforcement authority.


10) Variation


10.1 These terms and conditions will change as the website is developed and maintained, therefore visitors are advised to check the terms and conditions regularly. 


10.2 Any such changes to terms and conditions are automatically binding to visitors regardless of whether visitors have checked the terms and conditions.


11) Disclaimer of liability


11.1 All information on this website is on an as is basis and the company have no responsibility about accuracy or validity of the information.


11.2 The company make no promise and no warranty in respect of any use of the website and its content, including any mistakes or omissions made. 


11.3 The company accepts no legal responsibility for any loss/damage suffered by visitor, including money, profits, or reputation.


11.4 Any reliance on the contents of this website is at visitors own risk.


12) Jurisdiction and governing Law:


12.1 All terms and conditions of this website are governed by English law. 


12.2 Any disputes can only be brought in English courts.


13) Contacts and Concerns


Any concerns regarding material content of this website, please email